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           Raymond’s Express Travel Services #RayExtraServ as a Reservation Service Provider is the most important part of this business. It is the foundation for any future income. When you visit please use our links. That is the only way that we will get credit for your purchase is with our links. Party Eloquence Gifts & Travel Information please stop by and take a look around. People are so diversified with planning ideas that they do not always think local. We are proud to announce our affiliation with the #Network. They have opened doors and windows of opportunity for us. #Event tickets are on sale now! See the 2018 fight schedule for wrestling with our link . Choose from a large assortment of event tickets for #sports and buy yours today! Safe, secure and easy ordering. #Event Tickets for the #WWE Do not miss the #opportunity to see MLB Buy Your Baseball Tickets for (All Teams) Please, look at each section to find what you need. #Concert #Headliners ~ #Festivals ~ #Comedy ~ #Country ~ #Theater #Tickets ~ IF THE EVENTS ARE SOLD OUT; YOUR PRICE MY BE HIGHER THEN THE ACTUAL PRINTED TICKETS. #RAYEXTRASERV IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for ticket pricing! Our affiliate network is safe to purchase sold out events, secure, and easy for ordering your tickets. The affiliate has a fee for them to send the tickets to your inbox for you to print yourself. Thank you for #shopping with our #SmallBusiness links. We appreciate your time, click & purchase.

            Family #Destination Events are very popular and well planned in advance. Where would you like to get married? Have you initiated the plans? An Apple Destination Wedding can be any where and WE would like to submit our bid. You are the best part of our #2018 & 2019 Planning. Detailed complete forms and messages help us start your request. When you give us correct details, we can help you with valuable information in return. It takes an enormous amount of time to sort through the barrage of sales calls from other business perpetrators. We receive more email, snail mail, and telephone calls from businesses trying to sell us their products. We were not receiving calls about our business or services. Thanks to Google Voice 484-540-0328 we found a solution. Sales Representatives start right into their cold calling presentation. We do not have any time to waist. Please state your full name, telephone numbers, best time you can be reached, wedding date and destination, thank you.

            Transfer the reservation: If you book your Norwegian Cruise Line vacation your own you can transfer that booking to us. When your NCL booking is not paid in full, you can transfer your reservation to us within 30 days from your booking date. That will give us credit for your purchase. Guest are required to complete and send the transfer request form as an attachment via email to dispatch@ncl.com. Please copy us, your travel partner on the email for our reference. On the email subject line, please include the following important information: Reservation Transfer request: Your name, reservation #, ship and sailing date. Thanks Raymond's Express Travel Services ceo@raymondsexptravel.biz

       Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, 'declares the LORD,' plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." The company has been around for many years. Many of our faithful patrons and family are no longer with us. A day together with family, friends, and neighbors helps people to bond and plan for the future. Everyone enjoys surprises. I started a #relationship boot camp on Twitter with #queenpldescape & #queenpldgroup. I encourage people to use their relationship #time wisely. You can be the one letting go of the #past if you think that didn't work. Put some spring into your new #relationship with GOD. New #love is forming with the warming temperatures and lust is raging. People need spiritual self control. #Couples are fighting for their #marriage with #communication and obstacles. Do not let the #past bother your current marriage relationship. #Build and strengthen the new & old people you have in your life for your #future. #queenpld @p_dabney.

      Networking, there are many ways to network with us. We look forward to receiving something from you soon. We have a Twitter page called #RayExtraServ our account brand. We are located at Google Plus to keep communications open there you can add us to a circle to follow us. Facebook has the "like" feature for followers. If you like us at Facebook that would be an honor. We are not celebrities but likes help to put us on the map. Facebook Mobile page keeps track of statistics, shares, & participation. We need followers who will like, share, comment & help our statistics. We appreciate any time consideration and participation. Travel season is everyday: getaways, honeymoons, anniversaries, events, vacations, reunions, funerals, and just because. People travel year round and make their own reservations. We would appreciate that you share us with your family and friends. Please reserve a room at the hotel. with our link. Planning ahead you could help ease the stress of your getaway. We use what ever commission we receive to keep us afloat. Things Remembered Send a personalized gift to the Host or Hostess for your family vacation at a Relatives home. Your Staff, Neighbor, Family or Friend would also appreciate a special gift. Consider a trip to the #WWE #Wrestlemania XXXV 2019 buy your #tickets today for Metlife Stadium East Rutherford, NJ April 7, 2019 with our small business #link. Purchase safely, secure & with easy ordering. Thanks for your time and any consideration. Good seats are still available now #wrestling.

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       Raymond's Express Travel Services theme is to Celebrate life with a plan. P is for Paradise where we wish to send you. L is for Love shared by couples, families and friends. A is for Amaze which is how we hope you see your travels. N is for Nourish the spiritual and philosophic feelings inside of you. That is our recipe for celebrate with a plan. God is good. Gifts purchased now for anyone assist our programs. We have a blog called the Wisdom of Wonder. Allurez asked us to include them in a blog post for increased exposure and we are no longer connected or affiliated with Allurez, but that is why we started our blog. When we are stressed we enjoy a refreshing glass of wine. Did you know that you can order wine for yourself here and now. Check out our largest commission able Biggest Discounts at the wine shop now. The Eastern Shore Hotels... "A sun drenched angelic beach. Seaside, NJ The sunlight glittering on every grain of sand, the beach idyllic, white and fresh. Wildwood, NJ The beautiful, big blue ocean's waves are crashing against the cliffs as you watch the seagulls joyfully fly around in circles in the air. Ocean City, MD The warm, golden sand runs between your toes with the gentle breeze. As you walk along, you find gorgeous, Virginia beach, VA shiny shells that have been washed into the shore by the rippling of the water. " Miami, FL

       Party Eloquence is a subsidiary to Raymond's Express Travel Services and the host of our first web page home. You can receive preferential treatment with us! Resorts have a special quality including food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping within the facility to name a few. Guest can enjoy their stay and have no need to leave the facility throughout their vacations stay. Commonly these facilities are of higher quality than would be expected if one were to stay at a hotel or eat in a town's restaurants. Party Eloquence is the adult version of "Pammie's Party People" from the seventies hosting spa days to New York, Bowling Parties and Banquets. While we try to grow these business adventures and protect ourselves from the data thieves and cyber bullies. We want our clients to be safe and happy as well. You can protect your home. Arlo® - The World’s First and Only 100% Wire-free, Weatherproof, Mobile HD Security Camera - Order at Smarthome and SAVE! We try to image and associate with everything that our clients need.

      Thank You for this time and any continued considerations or followers on other networks. No matter how long you are affiliated with Raymond's Express Travel Services or Party Eloquence the Event Services change with your planning needs. Clients remarry, move, separate, and suffer losses that will change your passport information so remember to update as soon as possible. Times have changed and every detail is required; such as correct spelling, when traveling out of the country.

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"Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determinations." John Seaman Garns

      DISCLAIMER We are a private business with an expanding internet exposure. Since the founders heart surgery, stroke, and heart attack; industry called us a hobby. We have had to restructure everything. Good Day and thanks for this visit, we would appreciate a return visit soon to see the updates and upgrades!! "The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence." Confucius

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