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2. Our enthusiasm, dedication, and determination will be difficult to match.
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4. Our focus is to fulfill your travel and party dreams. We use quality and integrity.
5. We have over 30 years experience with planning, events, and all aspects of travel.

Are you interested in joining us or planning your next Event Banquet with us?
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We have many options to suggest. We offer incentive gifts for your employees on our Gift page. You will be assigned an Account Manager to oversee your plans from the beginning to the end of your festivities. You can email your answers to our questions with our email procedures and services. This gives us permission to reply on the Internet. This way we can not be accused of Spam. You can complete our form here.. to make any reservations that you may need. While planning the Banquet remember to locate the perfect gift at Things Remembered or other man in your life.

Entertainment and Adventures

Raymond’s Express & Party Eloquence will continue to attend as many major events when and where possible. We benefit from attending meetings, seminars, events, and even promotional gatherings. Party Eloquence gains from events like the Bridal Showcase 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2014, 2016 featuring beautiful gowns, favors, and other wedding products. Raymond's Express Travel was listed in the honeymoon and travel arrangement agent section. Therefore, Party El and Ray Ex both benefit from these annual Bridal meetings and receive information which increases knowledge and power. The ITEC shows of 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006 help to keep our communications on line up to date. While The Information Security Show 2002, 2004, 2007 helps to protect the company. In December of 2005 we enjoy the invitation only with former PA Governor / Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge. During that meeting he focused on Radio Frequency Identification. People are using that technology today

The NCL CRUISE invitation only luncheon November 9, 2004 was very informative for the travel industry. We received a Certificate of Achievement from Travel Weekly Seminars awarded to Ms. P. Dabney of Raymond's Express for the NCL Specialist Plus Award. With over twenty five years of travel touring other States, Cities, Countries, cruise ships, hotels and venues enables us to make qualified suggestions. Pamela the CEO has driven from California to Pennsylvania, Rhode Island to Florida and stopped in many Cities during those drives. The Microsoft Launch Events provide product testing, class room trainings, new products before the general public, and growth meetings which have been successful for all of our business goals and dreams. Virtual classes have been appreciated when unable to attend the MSN theatrical presentations. Enjoying the capabilities at the MSN CE 6.0 launch November 15, 2007 demonstrates the wave of the future.

The Incentive Show of 2003 encouraged us to become incentive partners and increase our product line for the gift pages. Fabulous 2004 and Keynote Colin Powell in 2006 enlivened our quest to present quality goods and services from manufactures that you know. These events joined us in partnerships with many capable businesses. This helps us to assist you with ways of rewarding your staff, neighbors, family and friends. We will continue to focus on our expansions while encouraging your growth. We will promote the best items for incentive sale and other items on our Gift page.

The sports arena included the NBA 4th Annual, Back to school fashion show in New York at the NBA store. It was exclusive, privileged, invitational, relaxed and enjoyed. It was our first major event with the NBA of that kind. When I called the Sixers Organization to confirm the invitation, I was informed that space is limited and exclusive. We had a wonderful time seeing the players model, live entertainment and celebrities walking all around us. A different invitation was for the NYC Graduate Centers Media Career Conference during October 2004. The focus was the direction of the media personnel for years to come. Then there was the Sports Media Double Header in December of 2004 with Bob Costa and a Panel of Distinguished Sports Spokespersons. We appreciate and will continue to enjoy the exclusive events. We needed to decline some invitations for health reasons. Please keep us in prayer when you expect to see us but, we are unable to be there with you.

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