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Employment Opportunites

Wanted ~ Cultivated Openings:
Activity Director ~ to control group events, must have Customer Services experience with references, and a willingness to travel.
Photographer ~ capable of shooting professional head shots, weddings, events and other needed photographs, willing to travel, have references, and photo examples.
Event Baby-sitters ~ to watch the children in a central location during evening activities and flexible if needed as a monitor example amusement park type events, admission included.
Most openings include free travel with hourly pay with event compensations.

Needed ~ Group Organizers and Tour Coordinators
Detailed individuals who are punctual, presentable, and professional at all times.
Upon receipt of a deposit able to separate trip funds from personal money with no criminal back ground.
A person capable of keeping track of funds.
Able to Manage and gather 40 people together for an organized event.
Responsible for a group of teenagers and children with parental consent.
Criminal Back Ground checks will be required.
Organizers must meet all detailed requirements to receive benefits, bonuses and incentive program.

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